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Introducing the revolutionary Newborn Sensory Blanket, meticulously designed by a dedicated physiotherapist specializing in newborn care. Designed with utmost precision and care, this blanket is not just any ordinary swaddle; it's a developmental tool designed to enhance your precious newborn's sensory experience and foster their healthy growth. 100% handmade in Poland.


Measuring at a cozy 70cm x 50cm, this blanket is perfectly sized to envelop your little one in a comforting embrace. Crafted with a carefully calibrated weight, it provides just the right amount of gentle pressure to simulate the tender hug of a parent, promoting a sense of security and well-being for your baby. But this blanket is more than just cuddly comfort. It's designed with the expertise of a physiotherapist to aid in the development of your baby's sensory awareness and body sensitivity.


The subtle weight encourages your baby to explore and engage with their environment, fostering essential neural connections and motor skills development from an early age.


Made from premium, breathable materials, this blanket ensures your baby stays snug and comfortable without overheating. Its soft texture is gentle against delicate newborn skin, offering a soothing touch that promotes relaxation and peaceful sleep.


Give your newborn the gift of enhanced sensory experience and nurturing comfort with the Newborn Sensory Blanket. Designed by a physiotherapist, loved by parents, and adored by babies, it's the perfect companion for your little one's journey of growth and discovery. Experience the difference today.

Newborn Sensory Blanket - Blue - 70x50cm

  • Lenght (cm): 70
    WIdht (cm) / Depth (cm): 50
    Height (cm): 2
    Diameter (cm): -
    Weight (kg): 1