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When the idea came to our minds for the very first time, we were almost laughing.
Moses Baskets? Crochet made?
We won't be able to do them!

We were almost not believing ourselves, that we could try to do them... Then we met an amazing woman, that showed us how to use crochet and decided to join us in this adventure!

We've tried to make a few samples and we loved what we have seen. Now we want to share these beauties with you.
We believe that they can be a perfect idea as a gift for a baby shower or a simple treat for a mom, that is expecting her newborn. And if the person is an interior design freak, this is a real nice-looking object in the house.  

We are all passionate about interior design. That was forcing us to find neutral colors, good quality cords and try to make some item, that is not only useful but also can be used, once the kid starts to grow. 

We started recently our adventure with the small selection of crochet Moses baskets and changing baskets available together with natural bed mattresses, and other baby essentials like baby blankets, cozy baby sleeping bags, provided by our friendly brand.

Ask us for more colors. We are just warming up here :)

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