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The Rockingbaby cradle is a rocker designed for moses baskets.
The cradle skids rock sideways. Why side-to-side? The "front-to-back" movement is a natural movement of the parent carrying the child and it has a positive effect on the vestibular system of the baby's brain (it is closely connected with the sensory systems in the body) and there is a lot of this movement in the life of a newborn - because the parent often hugs and carries the baby, while the "right-left" movement stimulates the production of neuronal connections of the brain, which are responsible for the intellectual potential of the child.
Additionally, it is possible to block the cradle with a special brake attached to the skids.
The rocker also fits Moses Baskets with dimensions:
width from 28 to 37cm.
length of Moses basket at 20cm height from 65 to 77cm
The cradle is made of solid, Polish beech wood. The product has been entirely manufactured in Poland.
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Moset basket stand - RockingBaby Stand - colorless lacquer

  • Lenght (cm): 50
    WIdht (cm) / Depth (cm): 50
    Height (cm): 50
    Diameter (cm): -
    Weight (kg): 3.5